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May 23, 2007


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KC Trader

The immigration issues pertain to the Mexican who cross the border illegally. I will agree with you that these immigrants are dreamers and builders who want a better way of life for them, as well for their family. They are NOT educated or bright though. These illegal aliens cross the US/Mexican border for one reason. Economics. They can make one hundred times more money than in Mexico. If they were educated with some valuable skills they could make an affordable income in Mexico. Any immigrant who has skills and an education would have no problem going through the proper stages for a green card to live in the US legally. Those illegal aliens are getting paid under the table for LESS than the minimum wage required by US law. Companies take advantage of them this way. Legal citizen could get paid $800 a month for jobs they perform, yet these immigrants are paid only around 200$ a month. Immigration has an affect on inflation and is a key economic impact. There is also homeland security to consider in deal with terrorist and also drug related crimes.


KC, thanks for your comment. I think my point remains valid however. First, I did some checking and it seems that the annual inflow of illegal immigrants is about 500,000 (this is a very politically charged number and I saw huge differences depending upon the political bias of the source). Not all of these are coming from Mexico, but lets say liberally that 75% are. that would be 375,000 Mexican illegals per year. The population of Mexico is 109,000,000 so .003% of the Mexican population is illegally crossing over per year (a number that happens to be a tiny fraction of the population's annual growth rate (1.15%)). I maintain then that the vast majority stay home and that the ones who do not for the most part have an uncommon ambition and probably intelligence. This is of course not going to be true for all of them (especially those who have large families already in the US), but I really suspect that the statistics would bear me out if IQ tests
were possible on all the illegals.

Second, you say that an immigrant with the proper skills and education would have no problem going through the visa process. This is true, which is why most of the educated now stay home. The US visa process is an absolute farce. I have seen several first hand stories of extremely educated and qualified people who can't even get a tourist visa to the US never mind a residency one. The current system is based on family ties rather than qualifications.

Third, if anything, the low cost of their labor should prove deflationary and therefore of benefit to the $800 per month legal citizen. The US unemployment rate (4.5%) would suggest that there is no real issue of jobless citizens. In any event I would advocate legalizing the illegals which would raise wages and allow them to contribute.

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