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April 09, 2008


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Matthew G. Saroff

I have too disagree on your characterization of the Chinese-American activist as a "traitor".

If they are a citizen of the US, then that is where their loyalty lies, just as my loyalty is with the US though my ancestors came from Russia, Lithuania, Poland, and Germany.

As to the human rights situation in China, it stinks, but it was both foreseeable and likely that there would be protests like these when China bid on the Olympics.

Like the chicken said, they knew the job was dangerous when they took it.


Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, while this is definitely true of 2nd generation Chinese Americans, my experience indicates that first generation very much identify themselves as Chinese first. This may very well have been the case with your ancestors as well as mine (Italian, French, English). I use the word traitor really because by their defense of some indefensible Chinese government policies they demonstrate they have not accepted the basic concept of freedom that pretty much unites Americans. Maybe it was an inappropriate word in this case. Usually I use it for the American businesspeople I know in China who will forgive and excuse any action as long as the can keep their villas, drivers, maids, and mistresses there.

Matthew G. Saroff

I think that hypocrite is a better term.

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