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April 22, 2008


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I was born and raised in Michigan. I left for Texas when I was 21. That was 1980. I saw the hard times even then and decided to live where I could find a better job and a warmer climate. My cousin still lives there. He owns his own business and has told me that things are worse than they ever have been up there. Including the crime rate, so stay safe and tell the last person to leave Michigan to turn out the lights.
You mentioned global warming. It's a really hot topic. Real or not? There's a pretty heated debate going on right now about just that at RiledUp. Take Care


Thanks for your message and the link Wil. I actually wrote a post about global warming "Hot Air?" back in Jan 08. I am still agnostic on it. As I think I said in that post, whenever I see public mania and Inquisition style intolerance for contrary viewpoints like I am seeing now with global warming, I grow very skeptical...

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