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December 08, 2008


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Matthew G. Saroff

Speaking as a US trained engineer, it does seem to me that the term is imprecise, and more so overseas, where people we would term "drafter" or "technician" are called engineer.

Then again, the idea that a computer programmer is called a "computer systems engineer" seems a bit absurd to me too.

BTW, running around and saying, "The sky is falling, we need more engineers," does not just come from politicians.

I see it regularly in the official publication of the ASME Mechanical Engineering and in Aviation Week and Space Technology regularly.

They keep talking about how to make engineering "exciting," and they are wrong.

Engineers are selected from a population that is more numerate than the general populace, and they look at the pay, and the instability in the career path, and they go %$#@ this, I'll become a stock broker or a realtor and make more money....Or rather they did until a few months ago.

This is all really about trying to get H1b employees into the US to depress engineering wages.


Thanks for your comment.
Agree entirely about the H1B problem. I will have an upcoming post about this actually based on some recent experience.

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