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April 29, 2010


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Again, do you think those small american cities are creative or fit any of your words? Ridiculous post. Look back your fat americans towns and rethink. Read about two posts here and lost completely my interest to continue. Tu est tres tres drole...


Merci. If you are Chinese, I guess you will see truth if you think on it a bit. If you are not, I suggest you stay for several years outside of your happy little expat bubble and then comment. As for why I don't go home; I guess it is the same as asking a cancer researcher why she doesn't become a plastic surgeon instead...


I hope i am Chinese so i won't have to learn the language. I suggest you think a bit of USA's own economic, is that a joke? - before you comment on other countries bubble-your response again make yourself look close mind and ignorant, i assume you don't know nothing about Asia really other than you full of "comments".

As for why you don't go home, maybe the answer is very simple - you are unemployed so bad in your own country.

I came from EU - and i don't have to put any other countries i went to in a lower situation in my mind to make myself look better. Encore, tu est tres tres drole.



I also suggest you don't waste time on those of your narrow view posts, i guess maybe people like me-new comers in China/Asia would like to read something more technical - very simple, we don't need your comments about your own shit.

I guess you don't have to even response my small comments as i am really just a one time visiter of your blog and i don't think i have any interest to come back and read.

Good luck on your little games.



Given that France, along with the United States, was one of the primary architects (liberte! egalite! fraternite!) of the western system that the Chinese are actively subverting I would have thought that you would care. By 'western system' I do not refer to such "drole" current topics as bank fraud on Wall Street and the like; but instead to the political philosophy that underpins our society and respects and promotes ideals such as personal freedom, equality, respect and responsibility for fellow man, etc.

But then again you are new to China and still seduced by the gleaming towers and the incredible knowledge of western movies and music of your English speaking local staff. Live there for 5 years with your eyes and ears wide open, and for god's sake take the trouble
to learn the language. Then, we can have a conversation.

As to your other comment, if there is a specific topic that you or anyone would like me to write on, please suggest and I'll do my best.

Maybe I should blog instead on restaurants on the Bund I enjoy....:)


:),blog on restaurants you enjoy in China would be a good idea, seriously, both chinese and western cuisine in China maybe, for new comers, very useful.

As maybe people from different culture may think differently, i don't care so much of how other countries handle their own business, i embrace the good and bad.

I guess it maybe a good idea if you write more about your own country.


"given that France, along with US", hello, i personally don't think US architects are even close, maybe you need to only point out some cities in the US such as NYC. You made conclusion so easy of Chinese are "subverting", if you even ever been to France, maybe you can adjust your comments.

Am not going to get into the "personal freedom" and so on that you were pointing out unnecessarily, i suggest you face the reality, i guess you know the best of how it really goes in your own country.

Am not "seduced" by the "gleaming towers" or maybe seduce is not a good word for what you were -if you were talking about. I traveled all over the world almost, and the energy,creation i have seen so far in China is incredible, you won't expect a kid to build a Eiffel tower exactly the same or you won't expect a kid to do something as good as somebody else did thousands years ago. Or, you don't expect a kid to grow up overnight, rather than, appreciate the energy and desire of change.

So, i still think you could write more valuable stuff of the problems/facts of your own country, and how that effect the world, that may interest my fellow guys more. Plus, some restaurants review too:).


Lol....I was not referring to architects that design buildings...


oh, excuse moi, haven't read carefully the "architects" among your words, for me it is kind of strange an American seems proud of their so called (liberte! egalite! fraternite!), will be interesting to know how would you define those in your society, especially nowadays. maybe thats how you were programmed by your education system to believe that is what you ever have.

There are many books written by europeans talking about Asia, what you seems encountered in Asia seems not anything new to my fellow guys. You simply not sophisticated enough to commenting on Asia.


Yes, I have met many intelligent and well informed Europeans during my 6 plus years in Asia. Germans tend to be particularly aware of reality. I hope you may become one at some point.

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